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Nepal Earthquake Relief Programme 2072

In this time of crisis, our hospital also need donations from all sources possible. Specially to carry on with our free medical services in hopes to aid our nation. We will value each and everyone of your generous donations and assure you that they will be rightfully utilized with entirely transparent transactions.

Contact following people for more information:

Abhishek Shrestha: 9851061705 abhishek.s@nidanhospital.com
Shyam Maharjan: 9851032642 shyam@nidanhospital.com
Yashna Vaidya: 9841949130 yashna@nidanhospital.com

Bank Details:
Account Name: Nidan Hospital Pvt. Ltd.
Account number: 00071040011610
Bank Name: Laxmi Bank
Swift Code: LXBLNPKA
Branch: Pulchowk, Lalitpur

Some of the camp held by our hospital for earthquake victims at various places are listed below:

1. Date: 29 April, 2015

Nidan Hospital with its medical and non-medical team is heading towards Dukuchap Danuwar Village-5 to help villagers with medical aid. This small village can be reached after crossing Khokana and the drive is around 30 mins from Khokana.

Medical aid provided at Dukuchhap Danuwar Village-5. Thanks to our staffs and volunteers. ‪

2. Date: 1st May 2015

Destination: Sindhupalchowk District—Sipa Pokhari,Gahate-9 and Sukute

Earthquake Relief Program with our associates at two places of Sindhupalchowk District—Sipa Pokhari, Gahate-9 and Sukute—on 1st May 2015. As per our information even though these places are just about 70 to 80 kilometers from Kathmandu Valley no help or relief of any sort has been provided from either government or private sectors till date.

At this relief program besides the Medical Support, Nidan Hospital is also providing: Tents, Tarpaulin, Clothes, Food Supply, Medicines and Water Purifiers.

• No.of Affected Household: 150 Families
• No. of Treated Patients: 185
• Depart from Nidan Hospital: 8 a.m.
• Return Back: 11 p.m.
• Tarpaulin: 220 Pieces (Donated by Nepal Trust)
• Clothes: 20 Kilos (Donated by: One Kilo for Nepal (Belgium))
• Food Supply Includes:
Rice: 2100 kilos
Foods Packets (Noodles, biscuits, Chiura, Bhujiya) donated by Nepal Chamber of Commerce: 1000 packets
Noodles (Donated by Laxmi Hyundai): 1600 packets
Biscuits (Donated by Laxmi Hyundai): 800 packets
• Medical Team:7 Doctors, 3 Health Assistants & 5 Nurses
• Non-Medial Volunteers: 17 people
• Medicines Donated by: Niti Foundation, The Himalayan Drug Company, Laxmi Hyundai, Nepal Pharmacheuticals (NPL) & Nidan Hospital
• Transportation Facilitated by: New York Newa Guthi,gofundme.com/helpnepal , Nidan Hospital & Laxmi Hyundai

Our Associates are:
1. Laxmi Hyundai
2. Niti FOUNDATION (Dipen Pradhan)
3. Nepal Chamber of Commerce
4. Nepal Pharmaceuticals Lab Pvt. Ltd
5. Nepal Trust
6. One Kilo For Nepal
7. New York Newa Guthi
8. Nepal Mandal Television
9. IGK Pre-School, Chakupat

Nidan Hospital would like to thank all the donors & volunteers for their immense support!!!

3. Date: 2nd May, 2015

Distribution of Medicines to Nepalese Doctors from Sun Yat-sen University China

4. Date: 3rd May, 2015

At Dahachowk, Ramkot

Total Household: 95
Mortality: 4
Injured: 17
Medical treatment : 77 patients
Tents: 46
Cloths & Medicines provided

5. Medical support provided in two different places- Sifadol village, near Suryabinayak and Gurung Choli, near Lele

6. Date: Sunday 3 May 2015

1st Relief Mobilization (Archale, Sindhupalchowk‪)
Organised by Nidan hospital and associates, Went to Sindupalchowk, Archale, a remote village outside Kathmandu. It is about 95 km from Kathmandu and the road is rough and broken and very hilly. There are 219 houses and about 900 people are living there. We were contacted by Ram Kumar Shrestha 9841 454806, he is from neighbor village where we distributed stuffs a day before. The injured people have already been taken to the hospital. 17 died in the earthquake and more than 56 are injured.
The team at Nidan hospital organised following things:
• 900 kg of rice
• 500 packets dried food
• 43 Tarpaulins
• 70 mosquito nets
• 220 kg of clothes
• 480 sanitary pads
• 4 water purifiers
• 20 boxes of noodles
• 1 box of medicine
• 2 big house like tents
• 21 rain coats.
A medical team with 3 doctors and medical supplies also accompanied the team. However, the village continues to need more than 170 tarpaulins.

2nd Relief Mobilization (Chautara, Kublinne-9, Simpani)
To sindupalchowk, Chautara, Kublinne-9, Simpani. It is 86km from Kathmandu. There are 118 houses and about 500 people are living there. Bijaya Dhakal 9841985339 from the village contacted us. The injured people have already been taken to the hospital.
The team at Nidan hospital here organised following things:
• a vehicle
• 10 Tarpaulins
• 120kg of beaten rice
• 40 packets of Daalmoth
• 20 packets of salt
• 1 box of various medicine.
However, Bijaya and his friends managed themselves to provide an additional 600kg of rice and 150kg of beaten rice.The village continues to need more than 100 tarpaulins and constant food supplies.

3rd Relief Mobilization 
A team of young volunteers on motorbikes visited several remote and difficulty accessible villages outside Kathmandu. They recorded details of the injured which they then provided to Nidan hospital.
They distrirbuted following things
• 20 Tarpaulins
• Various medicines

At Nidan hospital our Associates are:
• Aarogya Foundation
• New York Newa Guthi
• 1 Kilo for Nepal
• Laxmi Hyundai
• Nepal Chamber of Commerce
• Nepal Pharmaceuticals Lab Pvt. Ltd
• Nepal Trust
• Nepal Mandal Television
• IGK Pre-School, Chakupat
• www.gofundme.com/givenepal (Rajesh, Jamir, Reema & Friends)

7. Medical items donated to NMC students who are helping earthquake victims at Nanglay Bari and Lapsi Fedi.
8. Medicines donated to Association of Youth Organisation Nepal (AYON).
9. Left for KUNCHOWK, Sindhupalchowk with tents, Rice & Food Supply along with our medical team.