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Nidan Hospital is a conceptual product of a group of talented doctors and managerial team which was established in 2069 at Pulchowk, Lalitpur. Nidan Hospital is a 50 bed hospital. The team is committed to put in their expertise in providing not only the better health services to the patient but also a better hospital management services to the patient With a motto of “Hospital with difference” Nidan Hospital team has focused its services on, subspecialty services, mainly in Nephrology, Urology, Endocrinology and Gastroenterology service with complete gastro solutions.

 Nidan Hospital is looking for dynamic chief executive officer (CEO).

POSITION:                  CEO

REPORTS TO:             Board of Directors

DIVISION/UNIT:        Executive Management          

A chief executive officer (CEO) is in charge of nearly every aspect of the hospital, typically only answering to the board of directors. The Chief Executive Officer is responsible for maintaining day to day administrative, personnel, financial and accounting services. He/she makes sure everyone works as a team. CEO acts as the “face” of the hospital, so he/she should be proficient when it comes to highlighting the company’s strengths and explaining on how he/she plans to improve its weaknesses. Basically, the CEO must be knowledgeable in every facet of the hospital.

Qualifications/Experience/ Traits:


  1. Master’s degree in business administration.
  2. Experience in the use of Microsoft Office products.
  3. Ability to supervise staff, and prioritize work effectively.
  4. Team oriented and team building, analytical, problem solving and decision making skills.
  5. High level of written and verbal communication, and listening skills.


  1. Experience in other health sectors in hospital management.



A chief executive officer must have a thorough understanding of the Hospital’s policies and overall mission, and how each is best executed.

  1. Develops, documents, implements and tracks the Hospital Departmental Policies, Procedures and Protocols.
  2. Develops Hospital Quality Assessment and Hospital Quality Improvement Program.
  3. Develops Hospital’s Customer Service Protocol.
  4. Reviews all Hospital documents and contracts.
  5. Develops Human Resource Management System of the Hospital.
  6. Liaise with executive team and implement strategic and operational strategies.
  7. Works confidentially on issues related to departmental budget, numbers of staff, and staff planning.
  8. Plans Effective Business Operation strategies.
  9. Develops and implements Marketing Materials, Tools and Strategies.
  10. Compiles and delivers presentations to Board of Directors.
  11. Develops, designs and improves internal systems that create and deliver firm services; eg. in IT department, medical records and documentations, procurement, billing, pharmacy, human resources, store, transportation, housekeeping and laundry, reception, security, repair and maintenance, public relations, canteen, library, residences, laundry etc.
  12. Be responsible for system improvements to ensure timely and accurate recording of data in the administrative systems and to ensure adequate internal controls exist over    these systems.
  13. Supervises the administrative team, make their job descriptions and take responsibility for all administrative functions of the hospital.
  14. Details analysis of monthly operating results. Analyzes changes and advises accordingly.
  15. Helps in the annual budget process.
  16. Provides assistance to the Board of Directors in formulating strategic short and long term business plans.
  17. Researches and reports on factors influencing business performance.
  18. Analyzes competitors and market trends.
  19. Develop administrative management mechanisms that minimize administrative risks.
  20. Conduct reviews and evaluations for departments.
  21. Be responsible for managing stock and conduct regular stock counts.
  22. Develops Occupational Health and Safety Policy in liaison with other departments.
  23. Develops malpractice/professional accident protocol with liaison with the medical director and other concerned department.
  24. Develops external relationships with appropriate contacts, e.g. auditors, solicitors, bankers, corporates and statutory organizations such as the Revenue Department, Health Ministry, District Health Office, etc.
  25. Updates and regulates hospital overall taxation and banking issues.
  26. Ensures compliance with all statutory legislation and regulations and keep abreast of changes in Hospital related regulations and legislation.
  27. Participates in other quality activities and forums to further the corporate image of the company.


Education & Self Development

  1. Participate in organizational education programs and attend in-service on a regular basis to develop and maintain knowledge and skills.
  1. Ensure that training and education criteria are met in order to maintain professional administrative qualifications with the appropriate administrative body.
  1. Accept responsibility for improving personal and team’s skill level. Create and run training and educational programs for administrative staffs.


To perform activities in a manner which ensures compliance with Occupational

Health and Safety and Welfare Legislation and Codes of Practice


  1. Practice safe working procedures by complying with health and safety policies, procedures and direction from line management.
  1. Participate in safety audits and the documentation/reporting of unsafe work practices. Support activities of elected Safety Representatives.
  1. Be aware and familiar with Safety and Emergency procedures.

Conducts all of the above consistent with established ideals, standards and policies of the

company and the ethics of the profession of hospital administration.


Interested candidates may apply with application letter, updated Resume and 1 pp-size photo within 2 weeks from the published date at Nidan Hospital, Pulchowk, Lalitpur