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Get Flawless Skin This Summer

August 26, 2016
Nidan Hospital
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The holy trinity of good health and glowing skin holds true for the whole year. But as hot and humid conditions call for deep pore cleansing, especially oily skin, it is essential that personal cleansing should be made a priority during summers by bathing twice everyday so that the pores remain free of clogged oil and dirt. You should know that normal to dry skin require a cleansing cream or gel, while an oily or combination skin should be cleansed with cleansing milk or lotion.

For skin that is prone to pimples, medicated cleansers should be used. You can use cleansing grains or a scrub with a skin toner and rub in circular motion on your face. A simple homemade recipe comprising four to five tsps of gram flour, a pinch of turmeric, five-six drops of rose water and milk or yoghurt can be made as paste and used for exfoliating your face. Subsequently, you can use a facemask and moisturiser.

Below are few basic and simple steps that provide adequate protection to your skin and enable a glowing and disease free skin.

Protection from Sun

  • Keep yourself protected from sun between 10am to 4pm and try to remain indoors as sun rays are strongest and can have an adverse effect on your skin. Ultraviolet (UV) rays can lead to premature ageing of skin causing wrinkles, marks, dry skin, and sometimes even skin cancer.
  • Excessive exposure to sun can cause harm to eyes and lead to cataract and melanoma, in addition to causing early aging around the sensitive area of eyes. Try to cover up using a wide brim hat or dupatta (veil) and goggles when outdoors.
  • Riders should prefer wearing long gloves on two wheelers to avoid tanning of their arms.  Also, apply a sun screen of SPF >30 at least 30 minutes before you step out. Reapply every few hours so that you are well protected.
  • Avoid wearing synthetics or dark colour instead wear loose cotton light-coloured clothes, which will make you breathe easily. If you are on a holiday by the sea, the glare of the sun seems to be double as the reflection from the sea accentuates the glare. Therefore, you need a much thicker layer of sunscreen/higher SPF for protection. If you are on holiday on a hill station too, sunscreen is still important as UV radiation increases by 10-12% for every 1,000 m increase in altitude.

Stay Moisturised

  • Our body tends to lose a lot of moisture in summers; therefore it is important to regularly replenish it by drinking water and liquids. This is especially important for swimmers in chlorinated pools as chlorine can dry out your skin and for some people it can even result in an allergic reaction.
  • Consuming juices extracted from cucumber or water melon keeps the skin soft and moisturized. Also, make it a ritual to apply a good water-based lip balm or use plain cold cream to avoid chapped lips.
  • Rose water can be used for toning and moisturising as it considered to a effective toner-cum-moisturiser.
  • Always eat a balanced diet, work out every day and get adequate sleep. Avoid aerated drinks as they are full of sugar, instead drink fresh lime, fresh fruit juices, aam panna (green mango drink) or coconut water to stay hydrated. It’s also best to minimise alcohol and caffeine intake as they can lead to dehydration.

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